Sky News guests asked Jessica Chastain about her body, and she responded like a boss

We couldn’t help but notice that, in the entertainment world, there are those who actually want to meet you, and those who don’t.

Jessica Chastain has noted that on set of her new Netflix show, The Land of Steady Habits, director David Gordon Green had everyone sign a contract that forbade him from saying or doing anything on set that she might find insulting or harmful. While on an Instagram Live panel with Sky News’ Georgie Fearn, Jessica stated that the only person who didn’t sign the contract was Jeremy Strong, who played her character’s ex-husband in the series.

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Sky News

At the end of the video, Jessica stated, “It’s so disappointing that someone, someone who has been my leading man, who has played my husband, is on this panel and has said the things that he has said about me when I’m asking for an interview.

“I just wanted to give you a chance to interrupt. But no. This is incredibly one-sided, and I hope you regret having him on the panel,” she continued.

When questioned by Georgie, Strong responded, “I signed an agreement. I’m not going to say anything bad about anyone.”

He went on to state that the experience was “disturbing” for Jessica and other cast members.

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