LA’s soaring rates of violent crime alarm residents

A stark contrast from the 2016 election, when many neighborhoods across Los Angeles were gripped by a sense of inclusiveness.

Historic 2017: New York Times: LA official says Black Lives Matter killing on black men reflects LAPD racism Share this quote:

“BECAUSE of the drug war, over time, Hispanic communities became very upset, because they saw that African-Americans have no place to go,” L.A. city Attorney Mike Feuer told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, at which he argued that his office has handled about 100 violent-crime cases since November.

Los Angeles Times: L.A. city attorney discusses spike in violent crime: “If you want to do what is right, you need to be afraid, too.”

L.A. Times: “A flash in the pan? Or a red flag that the divisions have gotten deeper?”

Los Angeles Times: To many African-Americans, the present crime epidemic epitomizes the disregard of minorities by police.

Los Angeles Times: Comedian Jackie Mason blasts US Attorney Jeff Sessions over rising violent crime: “Men are being killed and that is unacceptable. This is a damn disgrace.”

Los Angeles Times: Donald Trump campaign’s fundraising email goes out on a day of violence: “THIS IS A TRAGEDY.”

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