Will Britney Spears never be herself again?

Written by By Tom Tumulty, CNN

The never-ending saga of Britney Spears’ conservatorship, initiated in 2007 to help manage her finances and personal life, is never-ending — the pop star’s second stint in the hospital in five years this week has sparked fresh speculation about her personal and financial situation.

Spears, 37, was taken into a Los Angeles hospital by ambulance after what authorities said were a “very bizarre and uncharacteristic episode” that occurred at her Thousand Oaks, California, home.

The former child star went through several medical procedures, a report from the Los Angeles County Fire Department said, and had been unresponsive for “some time.” She was taken to an area hospital, where she reportedly underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Earlier this year, Spears faced several life-threatening health issues including a ruptured ovarian cyst and an appendectomy, TMZ reported. Earlier this month, she was seen at a performance in Utah, but was looked after by two of her primary health care providers, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Spears’ conservatorship deal will also mark its 10th anniversary in July. The pop star is on her fourth Conservatorship. While she can’t change or alter the rules of the deal, she is able to change her living arrangements — such as moving out of her home or dividing it into separate units, as was done with the exception of the two boys with Federline.

The deal was a deal in which Spears paid a single-source fee of $350,000 over three years — her fee nearly quadrupled over the first two years of the deal, according to a filing from 2013.

Keeping Spears’ and Britney Jean Spears’ long-term medical and financial in order can be expensive. The conservatorship’s “budget requirements are significant and contingent on resources available,” the filing said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Spears will net $20 million for each album since the conservatorship began. She is the highest-earning woman in music, the Times reported, following Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Madonna. She also continues to bring in tens of millions from her touring tours, according to the Times, who said the cash flow remains on the rise.

Her 2013 bodyguards lawsuit

Spears’ beef with her bodyguards started earlier this year, when her bodyguards alleged that they were often kept out of the singer’s Beverly Hills, California, home and had made about $400,000 in back pay and overtime. In court filings, Spears’ conservators denied those claims.

“We have numerous home and hotel surveillance videos, and we have previously shown them to a private arbitrator and he saw nothing wrong, so we are proceeding in court on these claims,” Spears’ court-appointed lawyer at the time, Andrew Wallet, told CNN.

Then in April, when Spears returned from a birthday trip to Bali, the singer hired nine new guards, TMZ reported, citing Spears’ lawyer and an unnamed source, who said the videos had been reviewed by a security officer.

In August, Spears’ lawsuit against her former company, Britney Spears Ltd., was dropped, according to TMZ and the Los Angeles Times. One of the bodyguards, Sam Lufti, was accused of breaking into Spears’ home to document and photograph her addiction to alcohol and substances in 2008, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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