Virtual reality may be making kids sick

While more people are using virtual reality for everything from parenting to crafting to world view, one of the leading causes of exposure to coxsackievirus (CSV) remains physical touch.

At least, that’s what we’re told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Now, though, it is being reported that coxsackievirus outbreaks at several schools across Ohio have gone from “near-normal” to “very high” in some cases. These schools have all had in-person learning happening. This is no small concern because there has never been a documented outbreak in the US among those aged 4-12, the CDC says.

While access to VR may also offer children greater educational experiences through tools like VR Reality Educational Arc and the Strayer Virtual School, VR could also be playing a role, say experts. It could “facilitate children in shaping their own more traditional learning experiences,” or expose them to “exposure to learned information in an engaging way, which may lead to ‘virgin’ learning environments that are unaffected by prior exposure to a visual format,” the CDC says.

COVID-19 outbreaks at elementary schools hit record high. Read the full story here.

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