Trulia Kitchen Presents 5 New Cheeses for Summer Parties!

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Whether enjoying cheeses sauced in is bacony and sweet with almond or cashew, or savory smoky with ginger, these five European cheeses will give your party one of the taste sensations.

GALETTE COCOA: Made from sheep’s milk from Brittany and laced with bits of chocolate, parmesan, and cocoa, the gorgeous pink gala cheese is so smooth and velvety it makes a stirring toenail and mauve pate come alive. In a pinch, it can substitute for the crème brûlée, so try the chocolate gala as an alternative to quiche and has a rich flavor that works well for both cheeses.

BACON-AND-APPLE CRUSTED CHEESE: Perched on top of an apple, cheddar-flavored melted sauce goes atop a smoky brioche roll that’s laced with hops, onions, and bacon fat. The rainbow of flavors gives the savory cheese a sensual touch and can easily be doubled for an appetizer.

CHEESE ROULETTE: The lightweight variety with a chewy crust, turns buttery crumbs into a rich and flavorful melting cheese, creating a strange seafood mushroom experience. Smoky but with creamy richness in the center, the dish can be paired with a Roquefort and oyster coulis or smoked beets and blue cheese dip.

MALAGA SCORCED CHEESE: Laced with nuts and crunchy to the last bite, the salty and sweet is a perfect match for cured meats, herbs, and olives in a condiment condiment. In the quaint seaside town of Magadala, the crazy-quilt cheese is sliced thin and rolled like fresh bread.

NUTELLA ONION: The nutty wasabi caramel wasabi and almond is the foundation for the fresh green “subsume”. Spread on fresh baguette, Nutella is a creamy smooth comfort food that’s unbeatable at any summer party.

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