The US attracts record number of visitors in July

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Welcome to the grand return of the US tourism industry!

Visitors from the United States surged in July after Donald Trump’s promise to enact sweeping immigration policies during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to new data from the global tourism institute IATA.

The US welcomed 4.76 million tourists in July, the largest number in 13 months.

That marks a 17.5% jump from July 2017, with the total number of US tourists this year now standing at 25.68 million, around 9% higher than in the first seven months of last year.

According to data from the Travel and Tourism Forum, US tourism visits jumped in July by an impressive 29% year-on-year, though the numbers for the year so far are still down from a 2017 peak of 31.4 million visitors.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists from Asia Pacific to the US rose by a record-breaking 17.3% to 3.8 million in July, but on a year-to-date basis tourists to the US from Asia have been down by 3.4%.

Japan and China posted the highest annual visitor gains, up 19.7% and 14.9% respectively, while US arrivals to South Korea rose 26.7% last month.

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What is holding the region back?

Travelers from India and Southeast Asia held on to the number one slot with 4.5 million visitors in July, just ahead of UK travelers.

(The number of visitors from the United States was lower because of the weaker US dollar).

The region from India to Central Europe has added the most tourists to the US, according to the data. The year-to-date total of 4.63 million visitors from this region is up by 14% year-on-year.

The US maintained its fourth spot with 4.31 million visitors, but from Central and South America and the Caribbean region arrivals dropped sharply, rising by just 0.8% to 2.48 million visitors in July.

The top 10 countries by origin continued to be the UK, followed by Canada, China, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain and Russia.

The map below, compiled by CNN Travel, shows how each country has been adding to its numbers over the past year:

Top 10 countries for July tourist arrivals

Source: IATA

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