The Presidents of China and the US – what we know

For the third time in as many years, the US Vice President, Joe Biden, has travelled to China – and in Beijing, he sought to reassure his hosts of Washington’s commitment to a two-way partnership based on “shared values and interests”.

The vice president’s meeting with China’s leadership has been highly anticipated, following US President Donald Trump’s acrimonious summit with President Xi Jinping in Florida last year. As the event entered its fourth day, Biden returned to the theme of “mutual respect, reciprocity and mutually beneficial partnerships”, exhorting China to respect America’s interests as well as its own. This was an attempt to breathe some life into the now moribund Sino-US relationship, which has been steadily souring since Trump was elected president.

Yet, Biden’s efforts may be insufficient to avert a full-blown China-US trade war or to cool nationalist sentiment in both countries. It remains to be seen whether a powerful, modernising China will ever settle for spheres of influence in the Indian Ocean or revalue its currency. And, as Japan prepares to enter a presidential race, the US is re-evaluating its alliance with Japan in the light of Beijing’s growing strength.

Source: Vox

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