Stanford student suing woman profs over sexual harassment

Written by Staff Writer by By Siobhan Gorman, CNN

“There were comments in there about insurance policies, women’s looks, sex, and other inappropriate comments,” the person said, “some made at the office Christmas party just a month ago, during which a large number of young women were present.”

Some of these comments contained sexual innuendo, according to the New York Times .

Morgan Amadio was one of the women the Times described as one of the five plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit on Tuesday.

Amadio, now a sophomore at Georgetown, is described in the suit as “a devout member of the LRA” — a covert group in the office known for a “secret handshake, a shared secret, and a longing to get close to their peers.”

“While defendant Kirkland has been sued in several prior cases, this lawsuit is the first to claim that his recklessness was what gave rise to the harassment and discrimination. He did not take appropriate action to prevent the behavior from happening,” the suit says.

CNN reached out to Kirkland’s lawyer on Friday and to the National Labor Relations Board for comment, but was unable to get a response.

CNN reported in March that more than 100 allegations of sexual harassment at large companies are being investigated by the agency.

“Jared is in the middle of a major personal transition,” a friend of Amadio told CNN on Friday, “and we are hopeful that he will get back to being his cheerful self soon.”

On the NBC Today show on Wednesday, Karen Tumlin, director of legal and policy for the National Women’s Law Center, said that LSA let people sleep with each other at Christmas parties.

Asked if, in light of recent allegations of misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, LSA may have to change the way it handles legal claims, Tumlin said “no.”

“Employers need to be enforcing existing sexual harassment training,” she said. “It’s vital that employers are doing that.”

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