Jennifer Lawrence injured in Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ filming mishap

Following an explosion on the set of Netflix’s forthcoming psychological thriller, “Don’t Look Up,” actor Jennifer Lawrence “contracted minor injuries” and was treated on the set in May before re-entering the production, according to a spokesperson for the production.

“The incident that occurred on the Los Angeles set of Don’t Look Up is being investigated by Los Angeles County Fire Department,” the representative said. “We are in full cooperation with their investigation. We wish our cast and crew a speedy recovery.”

Lawrence sustained small injuries when “a chemical experiment malfunctioned and a shattered piece of glass flew several feet, striking her on the head,” according to the fire department. The 26-year-old has since returned to the set and is participating in filming.

According to BuzzFeed, the incident comes after the explosion of a bottle of laughing gas in 2012 caused an injury to an actress in Aurora, Colorado. The police have not identified the actress, but a representative for the producer of the film said the actress in question will appear in it.

Also facing an inquiry by the Los Angeles Fire Department is choreographer Tina Lifford, who’s said to have set off a smoke bomb. She was arrested in July for “disturbing the peace,” reported CNN.

The film, which is set to premiere in 2018, follows a young woman’s descent into madness after witnessing the disappearance of her boyfriend. It is directed by Lars Klevberg, the Danish co-writer and director of James Ponsoldt’s 2016 film “The Circle.”

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