Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a weird take on a self-defense killing

Tucker Carlson speaks on his Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

(CNN) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes a violent crime victim should not be considered a “homeless criminal” if he or she has been shot by a homeowner.

During his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday night show, the host asked Fox News contributor Juan Williams: “How does a person who gets shot by a burglar and was one of the victims of that burglary then become a homeless criminal because the burglar is a burglar?”

The history of the question is relatively new: It started this week on Fox’s “Outnumbered” show when Meghan McCain brought up the case of a burglar who became the victim of a shooting and tried to sue his victim for having shot him in self-defense.

“Well, let’s see if I can make something out of this. You have been robbed. You are a burglar. You break into someone’s house, people are shot. They sue the burglar,” McCain said.

Carlson agreed with McCain on the issue.

“Now this sounds a little crazy and this isn’t really just a theoretical case, you’re talking about a burglary where somebody is being shot by a burglar,” he said. “Now think about that for a second. … If the burglar is being shot by a citizen in self-defense then your second jury should say to the burglar, you know what, the burglar did so much damage to this person that they’re now this crime victim, they’re now entitled to treatment for a hip replacement because they became a crime victim.”

After acknowledging that legal experts had objected to his analysis, Carlson said: “And maybe we’re all wrong, maybe we’re all judging this case incorrectly and I do give a lot of lip service to legal rights. But I really don’t think it’s right for a burglar to be granted rights by the person who was being burglarized. I think society values itself based on things like property, security, property rights, property values. I don’t think society has better values than criminals.”

Carlson has repeatedly made references to gun laws in his remarks on similar subjects, such as comments about police brutality against African-Americans.

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