Finland PM ‘inappropriately’ photographed with teenage daughter

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Melania Trump appears to be standing next to Alaia Opris, the father of Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila

The leader of Finland has apologised after the Prime Minister posed with his teenage daughter on a Russian social media page.

The photo, which showed Prime Minister Juha Sipila in his underwear, was shared online by the Facebook group Russian Informers.

Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently flagged the issue, and has now received a formal apology from the Prime Minister.

Mr Sipila said he took photos of his teenage daughter when she was younger in order to teach her about nature.

“I came across the photo under very strange circumstances and believe I have shown complete and total transparency in dealing with this important issue,” he said.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Theresa May also faced a similar fuss

Finland is not subject to the same economic sanctions as Russia or the EU over its role in Ukraine, but it is a staunch member of the Nato military alliance.

Prime Minister Sipila also confirmed that he and his wife had done the same thing in the past.

In a separate incident, British Prime Minister Theresa May was also criticised after she appears to be standing next to a woman and a child in camouflage gear on a Russian social media page.

The photo was shared on Facebook after March’s dramatic chemical attack in Salisbury.

Mrs May has denied this was a “Russian stunt”, and said the child is from Latvia.

But Russian official Stas Nigmatulin has reportedly claimed the photo shows the Prime Minister posing with the family’s “daughter”.

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