Elizabeth Holmes jury expected to begin deliberations Wednesday afternoon

During the expected final day of the federal securities fraud trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, defense attorney Daniel Petrocelli said it was “abundantly clear” that his client did not “knowingly” defraud anyone, but the Defense rested its case.

The closing argument began late Wednesday morning in San Francisco, and by the afternoon, jurors entered the courtroom and were scheduled to hear final arguments before deliberations begin.

Petrocelli said in his closing arguments that the first two witnesses the prosecution called were “very clearly motivated to testify the way they did in order to protect their own interests,” not what was in the best interest of anyone else.

He then invoked “public sentiment” to point out that the verdict was not about Theranos or its product, but rather whether people of character are worthy of looking to for leaders.

“If only people with impeccable personal attributes and character were given the mantle of leadership,” Petrocelli said, “I think it’s going to be very tough to tell in the years ahead that it’s a good thing to have people with integrity and character sitting in the highest positions in the world of business.”

The defense rested its case one day after Holmes and a number of company employees testified in the trial.

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