Delays caused by downtime at Daily Mail

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Websites hit by problems After 9am BST, Amazon Web Services crashed, causing problems for sites such as Daily Mail.

Amazon Outage

Amazon is one of the largest providers of cloud computing services.

Businesses and government agencies rent this service to run applications. They are hit by outages often and outages that have caused customer pages to go blank have included Amazon’s own Amazon Web Services.

The problem for customers such as Daily Mail started after the Amazon cloud suffered two separate disruptions, likely caused by the same issue. Some tweets detailed the sudden shutdown of a section of the site while other users complained that their Amazon account had been suspended.

Maintenance shutdowns are typically temporary and will restart later. However, Amazon and its customers are still working to recover from the disruption on Thursday morning UK time.

Amazon Web Services relies on a vast network of data centres across the globe, which runs its websites and apps.

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