Cards Against Humanity extends deadline for ‘Black Friday’ vouchers

Cards Against Humanity has extended a deadline for spending the high street vouchers which made 500,000 pounds on Black Friday. Until Sunday, December 17, the game has offered shoppers £10,000 worth of cash back for spending £9.99 on the Tuesday leading up to Black Friday.

However, the game company, also known as CAH, extended the deadline by a further 14 days. A post on the CAH Facebook page reads: “Looks like it’s gonna be a bit longer before everyone gets free gifts. It’s really been awesome, so thanks to everyone who’s so generous, everyone who’s spent even one of the free cards we sent you. We really appreciate all the love, and we can’t wait to find out who bought the rest of the bundles!”

The voucher program was originally launched on Wednesday, November 22 and will run until December 18. As long as shoppers spend their cash on cards which match the purchase code, a discount of 50 percent is given to CAH, and one family of four will get £5,000 to spend as they please.

Members of the CAH community will be able to claim the vouchers as soon as they are available.

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