BBC call-in expert was ‘biased’ on vaccination, Ofcom tells BBC

As I said, I saw what looked like quite a lot. But just over 600 people contacted Ofcom after being misled about the potential impact of the MMR vaccine.

The show ran an information segment asking whether parents should or should not have their children vaccinated. It seemed that when it came to scientific advice on the pros and cons of vaccination, the telly doctor was consistently using medical statistics that were in conflict with the opinions that lay people had.

As the medical editor said, you can’t get a balanced medical explanation on any of the media platforms but, as a doctor, I’m sure he couldn’t find anybody who disagreed with his opinion as to the dangers of vaccination.

In the report on this issue, the audience were told that six children have died following the MMR vaccination but in reality it’s just one death from the MMR vaccination.

This same one death has been headline news, and repeated ad nauseam in headlines and stories, on national and international newspaper websites.

Not only is this one death terribly sad, it is completely bogus.

In fact, that particular death is not at all related to the MMR vaccine and has actually happened when there was no vaccination and therefore was a likely unrelated outcome of a serious underlying health condition of the individual in question.

There was a theme of financial benefit or injury linked to the MMR vaccination as against no financial benefit or injury at all in stories and claims brought to my attention by members of the public, but it’s important to remember that Dr Hilary’s medical expertise is not based on the health of the general public. He is a highly respected expert in medicine but he is solely focused on the health of babies and toddlers.

He is not responsible for routine vaccination programmes for other populations and that means he is not responsible for the choices of those those other populations.

It is therefore important to protect us as as a public against those who exploit the position he has to fool the public through sensationalist headlines and otherwise.

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