10 superior hair oils you can use anytime

Written by By Marie Dyh, for CNN

Creating a luscious, full-bodied mane is easy. Arranging it across a slick of foundation or a glossy gloss is infinitely harder.

“Everyone who has a colorist working on their hair wants a really amazing, defined color,” says Camille Hodson, co-founder of Ingo Maurer , a luxury salon and hair care brand based in New York City. “People want to take their hair from what’s hair-damaging for your [normal hair color] to what’s color-defining.”

Since launching in 2010, Hodson has been developing products designed to perfect hair’s color and its health, rather than, simply its look. While processing hair is a necessary part of any hairstylist’s job, Hodson views it as an opportunity to improve.

9 best hair oils that lock in moisture, prevent damage and add shine

New breakthroughs in some of the leading hair dyes and dyesants, organic products sourced from around the world that damage hair by clumping atoms together, leave a rusty tinge on hair over time. Many people opt for a regular hair dye for its relaxing qualities, but sustaining such results takes time and upkeep.

“If you don’t know how to do it, it doesn’t take long to get a clump into your hair,” Hodson says. “The natural, healthy color just fades and people get frustrated. The chemicals on the outside don’t last so you need the chemists inside to stay more current.”

Conversely, a pure hair oil doesn’t contain chemicals or dyes. Instead, it holds more moisture to hair to maintain color and a deeper healthy color over time. This results in longer-lasting, luscious colors.

“You just keep using your hair oil the way you use it,” Hodson says. “You kind of become like a telegraph operator, and the ingredients move.”

The following are the oils — all hair oils are appropriate for every hair type — to note.

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